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Gel form?

Guest SR

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I purchased your Salicylic 8 and I am used to using more of a gel form. This one is a bit watery. I am interested in the 25%. Do you have any in a thicker gel form. So it will not run down the face or into the eyes. Thank you, Sara

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Unfortunately, we cannot prepare our salicylic acid peels in the same gel format as our glycolic peels without compromising its absorption rate. Oil-based acids like salicylic acid are harder to prepare in high-viscosity gels, especially as the salicylic acid concentration increases.


One popular application method involves coating the target with strips of sterile gauze pre-moistened with salicylic acid. In some cases, gently shifting the strips two to four mm while on the skin can help accelerate keratolysis as the gauze applies mild friction to the skin.


We would recommend you try this method before considering a lower-grade salicylic gel for treatments requiring comedolysis and/or keratolysis.

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