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First of all, this is a wonderful site. It has so much info that is easy to understand. My problem is just making sure I pick the right thing and that is where I need your help.

I am 47, going thru the last parts of the change of life. I have always had problem skin. Big pores and breakouts. I will list my problems now that I am facing with my face -

1-scarring from acne AND from picking at my skin. I know now what can happen when you pick at your acne breakouts.

2-large pores


4-looks like I have some under the skin pimples but they are not red, just seem to look "bumpy" in places.

5-clogged pores-even after I try and wash, mask etc...

6-I had profraxel/microabrasion procedure done abour 3 years ago but never saw much of a change. If anything, it seems like now that my skin tears easy. It is super soft.

7-Dry patches of skin like my nose, cheeks, chin but yet it feel oily too.


I am interested in your peels first and foremost but am having a struggle as what one i need to use. Please help me-I hate going in public anymore with my skin looking bad. I don' t have the funds to go and have things done by a doctor.

Thanks, carmen diane taylor

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Thank you, Carmen. A glycolic acid peel can address a number of the issues you've cited: acne scarring, large pores, and wrinkles. Based on your post, we would recommend a starting strength of 30 for application on facial skin. Peels should be administered in weekly intervals, and you may wish to look into a maintenance product for use between peels. The Glycolic Serum 15 is a popular choice, as it contains both glycolic acid (15%) and hyaluronic acid (45%), two key rejuvenative ingredients. The Glycolic Serum 15 may be applied daily, but should be skipped on days when you are administering a peel. A less acidic moisturizer, such as Hyaluronic Acid 95, would be best for the 24 hours following a peel.


To address clogged pores and acne, a change in your current cleansing routine would be a great place to start. We make a number of cleansers indicated for the treatment of problem pores, listed here in order from mild to intensive: DermaWash, Aqua KAVI, Coral KAVI. Cleanse once or twice per day with one of the preceding cleansers (including right before a peel) and follow up in the evenings with the KAVI Toner. If you are also using the Glycolic Serum 15, apply it last.


Finally, be sure to avoid any other antiseborrheics in your skin care regimen. Over-treatment can dry out your skin and aggravate your existing skin conditions.

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Thank you for your fast reply. So nice to know someone is on the other side of this email that cares. You saved me from making mistakes for sure. I will pass your website on. I am now gonna get a look see at the products you suggested above. ditty

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