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Product for Extreme Dry Skin

Guest Michelle

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Though none of our products are intended as a treatment for eczema, some of our cleansers can be used to alleviate the symptoms of eczema. Many major-brand soaps are alkaline in pH and can disturb the skin’s natural acidity and in turn lead to itching and irritation. KAVI cleansers like Aqua KAVI and DermaWash are both pH-balancing and mild enough for dry or sensitive skin (DermaWash is the milder of the two and recommended for very dry skin with eczema).


The KAVI Toner is another option for you to consider. Made with resorcinol, it can alleviate inflamed skin while cleansing pores of any residual dirt, makeup, or bacteria. The KAVI Toner is typically used once per evening as a final-stage cleanser.

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