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glycolic mask vs botox

Guest Kellie

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Hi, I am a current customer, and I am wondering if your glycolic 30 or 40 mask is effective enough to forgo a botox and/or restylane treatment? I am only 40, so I do not have deep wrinkles yet, but my forehead expression lines are bothersome, along with the "angry marks" between my eyebrows. I do not expect perfection with the mask, just a noticeable softening of the lines.

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First off, we should say that Botox, Restylane, and KAVI Glycolic Acid are very different products. Botox and Restylane are primarily wrinkle prevention treatments (the first uses a toxin to help prevent facial muscle movement from forming lines and the second uses hyaluronic acid to help restore cellular hydration). KAVI Glycolic Acid masks help with both wrinkle prevention and treatment by accelerating collagen production and exfoliating damaged surface layers to expose the healthy, wrinkle-free skin underneath.


Because no professionally-administered injections or toxins are required, KAVI Glycolic Acid masks are typically safer and less expensive. Their efficacy when compared to Botox or Restylane, however, entirely depends on the individual’s skin. In general, a complete skin care regimen from KAVI (e.g., daily wash with Glycolic Cleanser 10, weekly exfoliation with Glycolic Acid 30 or 40, moisturization with Glycolic Serum 15 or 30 (includes hyaluronic acid) and/or Hyaluronic Acid 95) will yield more consistent and satisfying results over the longer term.


Our Anti-Aging Systems bundle the above products for a significant cost savings over purchasing them individually.

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