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Hi, I just found your site and I was wondering if you could give me some guidance on what products to choose. I'm 42 years old with hormonal acne, deep forehead wrinkles and "elevens" between the eyebrows and deep creases from my nose to mouth. I also have some acne scarring, ice pick acne scars and age spots. My skin is losing firmness. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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To help control acne breakouts, we would advise introducing either Aqua KAVI (for normal or dry skin) or Coral KAVI (for oily or combination skin) into your daily cleansing regimen. Either cleansing bar should be used as a replacement to your existing cleanser. Depending on your progress over a two-week period, you may elect to introduce additional products, such as a KAVI salicylic acid mask (applied once per week) or the KAVI Toner (to be used once per evening as a final-stage cleanser).


Any deep (>1mm from the skin's surface) wrinkles, creases, or scars may see only marginal improvement from the use of over-the-counter topicals. To treat these conditions, we would advise you consult with your dermatologist about the administration of KAVI's stronger glycolic acid peels. These peels are available only to health care professionals and can yield sufficient keratolysis to provide you with the results you seek.


For wrinkles, creases, or scars <1mm deep, KAVI's retail line of glycolic acid peels, coupled with our maintenance and hydration serums, can help reduce the symptoms associated with premature aging and restore your skin's natural beauty in the comfort of your own home.

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