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Hyperkeratotic Scalp Condition


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My hair follicles are getting clogged and causing acne-like bumps to appear that later turn into blackheads.


I was given a prescription for Salvax 6% Salicylic Acid for, what I was told, an Hyperkeratotic Scalp Condition.


I have used it for 2 months with little results. The hard condones that were in my scalp are still there and I'm fighting a battle to new ones from appearing.


Any suggestions?


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If the Salvax solution is showing little results, you may want to consider spot treating affected pores with a stronger solution. KAVI salicylic acid products come in 8%, 15%, 25%, and 35% concentrations. We would advise either the 8% or the 15% concentration as the next step.


Be sure to apply the solution to clean, dry skin. Because you are using the product as a spot treatment, restrict application to affected pores only (extending application to surrounding skin can increase the possibility of irritation). Using a pointed cotton swab or similar applicator can help provide adequate precision.

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