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For my skin?


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I'm trying to figure out what products i should get. Im 20 years old, male. My face is normally oily and shiny. I have a few break outs here and there that i would like to get rid of but nothing major. My other concerns are dark circles under my eyes and a red tone to my face. I do tan indoors which doesnt help. My body never burns but it seems like my face gets somewhat redder/pink when i tan, like im blushing. I dont believe i have rosacea though. I placed an order for the 8% salicylic acid hoping to help my breakouts and help with what ever sun damage is happening to my face.


So basically im looking for something to eliminate:

-dark/brownish circles under my eyes




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For acne, you may wish to incorporate Coral KAVI, our sulfur-based cleansing bar, as an adjunct to treatment with Salicylic Acid 8. When used as directed, Coral KAVI can help control acne breakouts and excess oil. For the eye region, Complex A can help reverse the effects of oxidation that lead to dark circles. Complex A can also help with puffiness, fine lines, and can help reduce the onset of premature aging around the eyes. We would advise you seek the advice of your dermatologist to determine the root cause of the redness you describe.

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