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Hi--I am 47, with very oily skin. I am a redhead, and have 'reactive' skin, but no acne. I use .25 strength retinA in a light moisturizing base (from dermatologist) at night. Which soap would you recommend I use? I really am a minimalist--or should I say I am tired of nutty claims and expensive products. I want to maximize effect with the simplest routine. Who doesn't?! Thanks for your help!

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Traditional soaps have a number of ingredients which can trigger allergic reactions (e.g., high-pH sodium tallowate [animal lard], strong fragrance, low-quality stabilizing chemicals).


Since you do not have acne, it makes more sense to try Aqua KAVI first. Coral KAVI will dry the skin more than Aqua, but the sulfur concentration and salicylic acid component may not benefit you much beyond stronger comedolysis (oil and dead skin cell breakup).

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