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irritated facial skin


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I am asian and turning 40 this year no wrinkles but facial lines especially on my nasolabial folds of my face.i am using antiaging system 3 for normal skin.i'm on my 3rd week now of glycolic peel(Glycolic acid 30) and haven't noticed any major peeling on my face though i noticed some improvements on my facial skin texture. but i have a query coz on my second week of using the glycolic peel i must have burned and irritated my skin especially on the nasolabial folds of my face, the peeling on the nasolabial folds have stop but it had left a darker color that makes the nasolabial folds of my face more prominent so my question is will it get lighter and what can i do to improve the appearance of that facial line? and how can i maximize the use of my kavi system? and usually how long will it take to notice a big difference on my facial skin? thanks in advance.

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Discoloration resulting from the use of Glycolic Acid 30 (System IV) is temporary and may be a sign of irritation. You may wish to reduce the application time of future peels as well as minimize exposure to regions that prove uniquely sensitive on your skin.


Bigger differences do take time. Remember that it can take months or even years for the symptoms of premature aging to surface, and reversing them is not an overnight process.


Instructions for the optimal use of the KAVI Anti-Aging System IV for Normal or Dry Skin may be found at http://www.kaviskin.com/info/prdproc.html#ARS4ND, and instructions for the KAVI Anti-Aging System IV for Oily or Combination Skin may be found at http://www.kaviskin.com/info/prdproc.html#ARS4OC.



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