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Rotate Coral & Aqua?


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Thank you for your super-fast reply. I've placed an order for the Aqua and plan to rotate it. When I started the Coral Kavi, I stopped putting anything else on my face; before that I was using Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, etc.


My skin can be pretty oily, and I do break out in pustules, nodules, and cysts (especially around my chin and nose, sometimes on the cheeks but not as often). For that reason I figured that the best for me would be the Coral. But after a few uses, the Coral felt like it *might* have the tendency to over-dry my skin a little. I know that over-drying can cause further problems so I thought that rotating the Aqua with the Coral would be a good alternative. I hope the Aqua will be as effective on my acne as the Coral probably would have been.


Once the initial 2 weeks of using the soap has passed, is it still advisable to lay off from the TTO and AV?

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Aqua KAVI contains half as much sulfur as Coral KAVI and no salicylic acid: it will be less effective than Coral KAVI for some, but just enough for others. The way to determine what's best for your skin is to evaluate each and observe your skin's response.


Tea tree oil and aloe vera should not conflict with either Coral KAVI or Aqua KAVI, and if they do not clog your pores, should work well in conjunction with either cleansing bar over the long term.

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