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Guest Linda

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Guest Linda

I tried the 30 in a little spot I didn't feel or see anything different after a couple of minutes. The next day on the same spot I tried 40 and didn't feel a sting. I don't know if I should leave it on longer then 4-5 minutes for my first time or is this not the solution for me. I'm 44 - white. The spot did not get red or anything. Help.

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The benefits of a retail glycolic acid peel are seldom apparent after only a few minutes following peel removal. Glycolic acid peels can provide two benefits to the skin: keratolysis (exfoliation) of damaged surface layers of skin, and production of vital cellular components such as collagen to counter the slowdown of new skin cell generation resulting from premature aging.


Keratolysis is made possible from glycolic acid’s pH. Retail preparations are buffered to a pH of 2.1 to ensure safe and effective application for the greater majority of skin types. For reference points, please note that the pH of water is 7.0 and the natural pH of skin is 5.5.


While we do make glycolic acid preparations with lower pH’s, they are only available to physicians due to the complex nature of their administration and the pre-peel and post-peel requirements of such procedures.


It sounds like from the results of your spot tests, you did not observe an adverse reaction to either of the peels. As a next step, you may wish to proceed with a larger target area, leaving the peel on the skin for a longer period of time (we would recommend 4 to 5 minutes initially, moving up to 12 minutes with subsequent peels). Results will not be immediate, however several days following the first peel, you should observe improvements in skin texture: your skin should appear smoother and more consistent in texture. After about 8 weekly peels, you should next begin to observe consistency with your skin tone: age spots will begin to fade, yielding a brighter, more even tone to complement the smoother texture.


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I normally use toner after I wash my face, to kind really clean off all the dirt and gunk, so that the mask can really get deep down into the pores. I use a glycolic toner too, and there's no really downside since it'll just help you clean your skin before slapping a mask on.


Also, when you wash you’re face/before toning /using a mask, a tip is using a hot towel to steam your face, so your pores open up. That way your pores really get deep down clean, and they're open so the mask and toner can really do their work!

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