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what is best for my skin?

Guest CarmenK

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Guest CarmenK

I am 53, female. I am in menopause. I have these very deep sore bumps, sometimes do not come to a head. They remain swollen and hurt. They can be in different places on my face. This happens every so often. I have chronic breakout, more like whiteheads on my chin and blackheads on my nose and forehead. My skin can get dry in the winter. I am not that oily in my tzone. I have tried salicylic acid and doesnt work. help, what should i use of your line. does it work for cystic acne? thank you

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We can recommend a number of products that can help with the types of pore problems you describe. Please let us know if the salicylic acid you have used in the past has been of similar or greater concentration than those offered by KAVI..


For cystic acne or similar:

Coral KAVI (replace your current cleanser with this bar and use once or twice daily).

optional Organic Sulfur Suspension once per day on target area (avoid overuse as this product will tend to dry the skin)


For whiteheads:

Coral KAVI (same as above, replace your current cleanser with this bar and use once or twice daily).


For blackheads:

KAVI Toner (use once per evening as a final-stage pore cleanser)

optional Salicylic Acid 8 (apply mask to target area once per week to clear stubborn comedones from pores)


To avoid any dryness, please remember to moisturize daily with a non-comedogenic moisturizer. KAVI offers three choices: SPF30 (for normal skin), Hyaluronic Acid 95 (for normal to oily skin), and the Glycolipidic Moisturizer (for dry skin).


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