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Effects of Glycolic Acid

Guest KarenHruska

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If your acne is in regression, exfoliating with Glycolic Acid 30 would be a good starting point. If acne infections are persisting, you may wish to read more about our salicylic acid masks.


Redness and inflammation can be a side effect of glycolic acid exfoliation, however the extent of irritation is unique to each skin type. While a great many people do not experience any lingering irritation, it would be prudent to patch test your skin first to determine your skin's compatibility with glycolic acid. Instructions can be found at http://www.kaviskin.com/help.php?section=FAQ#safecheck-AHA. In worse cases (where instructions are followed, of course), redness may persist for a few hours after the mask is removed.


Before exfoliation, be sure that your skin is clean and patted dry. Our bar soaps or Glycolic Cleanser 10 will prep your skin without the inflammation over-the-counter soaps may trigger. Sunscreen is certainly a requirement following exfoliation, even in the winter months. KAVI SPF 30 is also a clarifying moisturizer and can be used in the evenings to hydrate and tone.

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Guest KarenHruska

Hello my name is Karen. I have a few questions regarding your Glycolic Acid 30. I have normal to oily skin, with mild to moderate acne scarring. Is this the right product for me? Also, I have heard that redness may occur after using Glycolic Acid. What are the extremes to this and how long will it last for? Are there any other products besides sunscreen that need to be used with Glycolic Acid 30?


Thank you for your help



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