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Detoxifying Cleansing Scrub


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The primary function of a scrub is to exfoliate layers of cellular debris that leave skin with rough, uneven texture. Scrubs achieve this using micro-crystals as an ingredient. The quartz micro-crystals we use are manufactured to the optimal size and texture for facial applications. While we cannot comment on the products of other companies, we can tell you that the crystals we use are at the higher end of the spectrum of alternatives available to us and other manufacturers. Additionally, our supporting ingredients (green tea, pomegranate, hops, and horsetail plant extracts, macadamia glycerides, vitamins, A, C, and E) provide significant benefits and value to the Detoxifying Cleansing Scrub that many other scrubs do not offer.


Also keep in mind that for most skin types, a scrub does not need to be applied daily in perpetuity. After an initial period of daily application over two weeks, you may find that it need only be used once or twice per week thereafter. If combined with exfoliation masks, its use may be required even less. One popular combination therapy comprises application of the scrub twice per week for weeks 1, 2 and 3, followed by one application in the first half of week 4 and one peel in the second half of week 4. This cycle may be repeated indefinitely and can incorporate a one-week hiatus between cycles if desired.

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