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Im about to buy a glicolic acid at 40%..but i have a question ..im 35 years old and still have acne ..no really strong but some times have teo o three pimples every month..i had more before but now is going off

i was reading that this concentrate of acid also helps to reduce the appearance of pores...

its this produc ok for my tipy of skin ? wich is oily,,,o i would produce acne in my skin?

but the way i was is some regimen of peel at spa and stop it two months ago because didnt see any result,.

i dont know the procent that they were using but i think try something diferent at home . :unsure:


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Glycolic Acid 40 can help reduce pore diameter, and while it will not aggravate your acne, it also will do little to help reduce it. The primary use cases for glycolic acid are anti-aging-related treatment plans. At age 35, it can serve as a proactive tool to slow the onset of premature aging, however you would still need to treat your acne. With only a few pimples a month, the Detoxifying Cleansing Scrub may be enough to bring your occasional breakouts under control. The Detoxifying Cleansing Scrub, used twice daily, may be combined with Glycolic Acid 40 (applied once per week) to address your goals. If your acne requires additional treatment, adding the KAVI Toner (applied once per evening, after the scrub) would be a gentle next step.

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