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questions about your olive oil soap


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The pH is just over neutral (approximately 7.5). Extra virgin olive oil differs from virgin and regular olive oil in its free acidity content. This is not to be confused with pH. Free acidity (oleic acid) content can account for differences in olive oil's taste, color, and aroma. It's an important measure of quality when comparing olive oils for consumption, however the only appreciable difference when making a cleanser is cost. Despite the marketing of other olive oil brands, we have not observed a delta in olive oil's anti-aging properties when comparing extra virgin formulations (free acidity < 0.8%) to ordinary formulations (free acidity <3.3%).


As for moisturization, Pearl KAVI is certainly a better choice than Coral KAVI: the former is intended to be a moisturizing anti-aging cleanser while the latter is an antiseborrheic indicated for acne.

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