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Glycolic Peel 40 issue

Guest Neenie809

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Guest Neenie809

Hi, I have been using Kavi Glycolic 40 on my back acne scarring once a week, for 2 months now. (I no longer experience back acne, just scarring)

There is a slight improvement, but still remaining red marks. Should I be using 40 more than once a week? Or do I move to 50?

Thank you.

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Exfoliating more frequently than once per week will not provide any additional value and may increase your skin's sensitivity to glycolic acid.


Surface scarring (scars less than 1mm deep) from chronic acne can take up to 6 months of treatment to remove. If you have not experienced any prolonged irritation or discomfort from Glycolic Acid 40, you have the option to move up to Glycolic Acid 50 or 60 to accelerate treatment.


However, before recommencing with KAVI Glycolic Acid 40, 50, or 60, it would be beneficial to take a 2 to 4 week break. A hiatus after every two months of treatment will allow your skin to readjust to its own natural healing cycle. While taking a break isn't vital, it is a healthier choice.

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