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Acne-acne system for normal/dry skin or for oily/combination skin


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I have used Benzoyl Peroxide for almost 10 years now, but want to change to someting else. How do I know if I have oily or dry/normal skin? I try to use Benzoyl Peroxide twice a day, but I usually have to do it only once a day or stop for several days as my skin gets too dry. (flakes). I have tried a lot of moisturisers, but most, if not all of them give me a shine and I have to dab of excessive moisture a few times a day. I have also noticed that many moisturisers and especially sunscreens do not go into my skin, but rather stay on top of it. ( If I put it on at night it is gone by morning, but I usually I just have to dab it off as I don't have time to wait several hours until the moisturiser/sunscreen vanishes ito the skin. To summerise my skin is to dry to put on Benzoyl Peroxide twice a day, but I also get a shine from moisturisers and sunscreen. What acne-system should I try?


Thank you.

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Before commencing with any of KAVI's anti-acne line, you should first stop using BP for a minimum of four weeks to allow your skin a full recovery from BP's antiseborrheic effects. After your four-week hiatus, consider a KAVI anti-acne system for normal/dry skin. Choose System II if your acne is milder (more papules or pustules) or System III if it is more severe (more nodules or cysts). While treating your skin with either system, be sure not to compound treatment with BP or any other anti-acne product to avoid drying out your skin.


Unlike benzoyl peroxide, our anti-acne products can safely be used over the long-term and will not irritate the skin, disrupt or stimulate sebum production, or accelerate the onset of premature aging. Successful long-term use, however, requires overall moderation in treatment and modifications (as needed) to application intervals to suit your unique skin type.

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I have been using coral Kavi for about a month now, and I do like the results, however, I seem to have a lot of black and white heads/pore congestion going on-----mild acne scarring on the checks as well. I thought about getting the Microderm scrub, do you think this will help? Oh, and just to let you know, my skin is extremely sensitive. Thanks!!

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