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How much to use?


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I just ordered the salicylic acid 8 peel, and I've applied it once, though I'm not sure how effective my application method was.


How much of the liquid should be dispensed onto the gauze pad / cotton swab? Should a certain number of drops be used, should a certain area of the pad be saturated, etc.? Also, when applying to one's face, should different areas of the pad be utilized -- for example, use the front of a cotton swab for the forehead and chin and the reverse for both cheeks? Or, do you simply rub the pad over the entire face?


Hopefully that all makes sense -- thanks! Any additional 'application' advice / instructions are welcome, of course.

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A complete facial peel will require about 4cc of solution (approximately 60 drops). This volume should yield you about 15 peels per 2oz bottle. Make sure to apply the peel to clean, dry skin, utilizing gentle semi-circle strokes of the gauze. There's no need to turn the gauze square over unless you note that fibers are separating from the grid. Apply the peel to the least sensitive areas of the skin first such that the more sensitive areas are exposed to the peel for a lesser period of time.


A full-length peel will require a contact time between 20 and 90 seconds. If you find that your skin can tolerate exposure to the peel, gradually increase the time on subsequent peels from 20 seconds up to a maximum of 90 seconds. Allow a 7-day hiatus between peels for your skin to adequately recover. And finally, be sure to apply a sunblock to any exfoliated skin that may come into contact with the sun.

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