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Adding jojoba oil


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I'm a new Kavi user, just got my first order (super fast shipping!) of Salicylic Acid 8% and Complex C to fight acne and wrinkles. I got a little nervous when I saw that the two bottles barely fill the palm of my hand and had cost a hundred dollars. :unsure: But I'm hopful and willing to make the investment if it works!


I had recently added jojoba oil to my morning regime; I would mix it in with my moisturizer, which also has an SPF of 15. Now that I have the Complex C, I feel like that should replace my moisturizer, which leaves me with two questions: Can I add the jojoba oil to it, and how do I then get an SPF in there? A basic plan of when to use all my products would be helpful, too, my products being: Kavi SA 8%, Kavi Complex C, organic jojoba oil, witch hazel (pew! <_< ), Aveeno positively ageless daily exfoliating cleanser, and Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer with SPF 15. Thanks in advance!

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Given the potency of our products, they are in fact a tremendous economical value when compared to major-brand manufacturers who make their products with trace amounts of key active ingredients and ask a multiple of the prices KAVI customers pay. One way we keep prices low is by relying more on word-of-mouth advertising and less on large budgets for print and television advertising.


Because Complex C is a treatment serum (not a moisturizer), we would strongly advise against mixing it with anything else. Jojoba oil would impede absorption of the serum and thus reduce its efficacy. Complex C should be applied twice per day, preferably directly after cleansing. Given the products you have chosen for your regimen, here is one product application sequence we think would be the most beneficial:



1. Cleanse with the Aveeno exfoliating cleanser,

2. Apply Complex C,

3. Apply witch hazel,

4. Apply Aveeno SPF 15 (when planning on being outdoors),

5. Apply organic jojoba oil (typically, apply lipid-based moisturizers last, as they tend to form a barrier preventing subsequent treatments from properly penetrating; jojoba oil isn't technically a lipid, but it forms a functionally-similar barrier).


Once Per Week

Exfoliate with KAVI Salicylic Acid 8 after Step 1 above before proceeding with Step 2.

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