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Advice Please!!!


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I am a 26 yo female, I have just purchased the Anti Acne System 3 for Oily/Combination skin and Kavi Complex P. I am eagerly awaiting them to come!


I am a little nervous though, after reading through the forum that I may have purchased too strong of a system for my skin. I have fair skin, with red undertones (maybe rosacia? my parents both have it). Currently using OTC acne clearing cleanser with salicylic acid, toner with 2% salicylic acid and moisturizer with spf 15. After I wash my face it will SOMETIMES feel tight and some dryness occurs usually around my mouth. I apply the moisturizer and I find my skin is a oily. If I don't use the mositurizer, my skin will also feel oily, but only after a few hours. Sometimes flaking occurs, but only if I apply a spot treatment a bit too liberally (which is to be expected I guess!)


For quite a few years I was taking Dianne 31 for my acne and it cleared my skin really well, except for a few pimples around my period. I tried to stop taking it a few times, but in the first month of stopping it, my acne would return with a vengeance. I have recently left the country for 6 months, and just before I left, my doctor prescribed me with Seasonale, another birth control pill. I have been taking it for 2 months, but have been so dissapointed with not only whiteheads, but now I also have painful cystic acne, especially on my chin, jaw line, and some acne on my cheeks. I have decided to quit the Seasonale (apparently a side effect is acne), but now to deal with my cystic acne and I am sure more is on the way since I am not longer taking Dianne 31 either.


I have been reading through the forum boards and it seems as thought people who use Coral Kavi have extremely oily skin, whereas mine is sometimes normal, sometimes oily, sometimes dry. Always acne! There has also been mention that it may cause some breakouts along the jawline if it is too dry. I already have some cystic acne on my jaw, as well as little white bumps all over and whiteheads. Do you recommend that I begin the System 3 when it arrives, using the Kavi Coral 2 times per day or is it better to just start once per day in the evening and use a mild over the counter cleanser in the morning? Would it have been better to order the System which contains Aqua? I was considering it, but when I looked in the mirror, I decided to go with System 3 with Kavi Coral. If you do recommend the Aqua system, is it possible to change my order (I don't think it has shipped yet since it is Sunday).


Also, one more thing...I was looking on the site for a way to choose products suitable for me based on answering a set of questions. Would it be possible to incorporate this into the site (ie. going step by step through a set of questions, such as age, type of skin, type of acne, etc., and having a generated list of recommended products)?



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Hormonal acne can be a difficult problem, and if there is a medication you are taking that is contributing to the problem, then certainly the first step would be to locate a suitable alternative without the side effects. The KAVI Anti-Acne System III for Oily/Combination Skin would be the right choice for you, as it sounds you have more combination skin than simply oily or dry. Assuming we can match your email address with the one you used to place your order, we will include a complimentary bar of Aqua KAVI in the box so that you can evaluate both cleansers.


In building your skin care regimen with the KAVI system, we would recommend you take the following steps:

(1) Inform your dermatologist of the changes you plan on implementing.

(2) Cease use of any other oral or topical antiseborrheics (if your skin is currently prone to dryness from the use of prior anti-acne medications, we would advise a 2-4 week hiatus during which no antiseborrheics are used on your skin before commencing with KAVI).

(3) Build a ramp to your routine, introducing the treatment products in stages. For example, start with the Aqua KAVI bar only once per day (using only water or the KAVI Toner for your other cleansing times). After a few days, evaluate your skin's response and consider a switch to Coral KAVI once per day. If your skin is not showing any symptoms of dryness, bring in the Aqua KAVI for your second daily cleansing period. If your skin still feels oily, switch out the Aqua KAVI to Coral KAVI. As for Salicylic Acid 8, begin with a 20 second peel for the first week, and based on how your skin is responding to the other components of the system, make a determination whether you would like to administer a peel once, twice, or four times per month, and whether application duration should be 20s, 30s, etc. (up to 90s).


Your suggestion for providing recommendations based on a questionnaire is a great one, and we've been working on creating an accurate, comprehensive model for some time now. Stay tuned!

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Perfect! Thank you so much for your help (and the complimentary Aqua bar :)


I have stopped my previous meds and anti-sebororrheics, so by the time the products arrive I will be ready!


I am really looking foward to starting this regime, and I will let you know how it goes!

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I finally received the products...very excited to start!!!


Just a couple of questions...


1. It says to use the sun block 2 times a day...just curious why I need to use it at night when there isn't sun? Is it possible to just use it in the morning and the Hyaluronic acid at night?


2. Is it better to spot treat with Salicyclic Acid 8 on a cotton pad or Complex P?


3. If I am wearing makeup during the day and want to use Aqua Kavi at night, do I need to use another cleanser first to remove makeup or will the Aqua Kavi and Toner work?





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Great questions! Here are some answers:


1. KAVI SPF 30 is also a clarifying moisturizer and may be used in the evenings as well. It is popular with those who have acne-prone skin because it hydrates without clogging pores. Hyaluronic Acid 95 can certainly be substituted in its place, if you prefer.

2. They are both very effective. Complex P (with sulfur and BP) is better for those who have a sensitivity to salicylic acid, while salicylic acid is better for those who have a sensitivity to BP.

3. Aqua KAVI will work quite well to remove your makeup.

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