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your products were recommended to me by an American friend. I browse your page and found out the anti acne system for oily or combination skin - system III which costs 128 dollars. My problems are acne, blackheads, small scarves after acne, oily skin. I am 25 years old and tried quite a lot of things, but no good result at all. Everybody says that it´s going to imrpove by age, but that´s not true. It´s still the same. Is this anti acne system III suitbale for me? Is possible to use it together with glycolic acid peels and can I do it home on my own? I am looking for some working solution - not just a small almost non-visible improve. Or can you recommend me the best solution? Last question is about the delivery- how much does the delivery to the Czech Republic costs and how long does it take? Thank you for your answer.

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Given your description, the Anti-Acne System III for Oily/Combination Skin would be a suitable starting point when switching to KAVI. We would advise you stay with the system for two months before considering adding a glycolic acid peel to your routine (at which time, you would rotate in glycolic acid on alternating weeks to salicylic acid). The system may be self-administered at home, however, to achieve and maintain optimal results, we always recommend you keep an ongoing dialog with your dermatologist when treating your skin with KAVI products.


We do ship to the Czech Republic. Shipping rates start at USD$15.00 (flat-rate), and delivery times take approximately 3 weeks, however faster delivery methods are available if you need product faster.

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