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need acne treatment advice, desperate!


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My son has been on benzoyl peroxide wash, a benzoyl peroxide gel and tretinoin for over 2 and 1/2 years. The doctor advised us to stop prescriptions due to liver enzyme concerns and to find an over the counter treatment. However the dermatologist will not help in directing us to an otc (over the counter) treatment.


(FYI, 3 years ago we tried a popular acne kit advertised on tv, but it didn't work after about 6 months and he had huge breakout. That's when we went to dr to get help.)


My 15 year old son has has moderate to slightly sever acne. What can we do? What is best plan of treatment with your products to prevent a huge outbreak as we stop all prescription acne medicine?


Also I see your site says to consult dermatologist, but mine will not help with otc treatments. As a parent trying to help my son, can we do this on our own as we try you products?


Thank you! I am desperate!

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Choosing the right set of KAVI products depends on your son's skin's sensitivity and rate of natural sebum production. Because anti-acne products are antibacterial, antiseptic and antiseborrheic by design, it is important to identify the right product potencies and application intervals to minimize dryness and irritation without affecting efficacy.


Because he has been on such an intensive regimen up until now, we would strongly advise he take a break from any anti-acne medications for several weeks to allow his system to flush out the BP and tretinoin to avoid compounding treatment with a new regimen. Following the hiatus, and based on his skin's characteristics, he may want to consider one of the KAVI Anti-Acne System III's to start. Whichever system he does choose, it would also be advisable to step into the system using a ramp, as discussed in this forum post.


We always recommend you work with your dermatologist while undergoing treatment with KAVI products because we cannot provide medical counsel to you at any time before, during, or after treatment. We can, however, answer product questions or offer recommendations as they apply to the use of our products.

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