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Hi! Loved reading about the forums and the advice given. I am trying to find an acne system that actually works. I have tried it all, OTC to the Derm and everything in between. The only thing that has even remotely given me good results is a sulfur mask. I am 25 and I think my acne is mostly hormonal. I get breakouts on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. I also have large clogged pores, that if I squeeze them a white plug will come out. This has not been an effective way of dealing with this, it comes out only to be back overnight. I am desperate for any advice. Thank you!

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Assuming your skin tends to the oily side, Coral KAVI would be a good cleanser with which to start. And depending on your skin's sensitivity, a salicylic acid mask (start with 8% before considering a stronger concentration) applied once per week can make a great complement to the Coral KAVI. For a complete system, have a look at the Anti-Acne System III: it bundles these products together with a Toner, hydration serum, and SPF with significant savings over purchasing separately.

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