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It's difficult to say whether you will experience any irritation with your suggested routine: it depends greatly on your skin's sensitivity and rate of sebum production. BP and Tazarotene are fairly strong antiseborrheics, and while Aqua KAVI is more moderately dosed, it can't be ruled out that the combination may prove too strong for your skin. Generally speaking, if your skin tends to be oily, chances are you'll be ok. However, if your skin is normal to dry, we would not advise that combination. Our mildest cleanser is the Glycolic Cleanser 10, and though not primarily indicated for acne, its low pH will not disrupt your skin's acidity nor will any of its ingredients induce comedone formation. The Glycolic Cleanser 10 can be used safely on any skin type with BP, Tazarotene, and/or other strong antiseborrheics.

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