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When to start using Glycolic Acid?


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So I have been using Salicylic Acid 15% for the past few months & it has been getting rid of most, if not all, of my pimples (cysts, etc.);


I would like my skin's texture to look smoother, healthier, and at the moment I have some minor acne scarring (minor bump's on nose, red spot's on cheeks, minor scar's on cheeks, etc.)


Should my next peel be a Glycolic Acid peel? and at what strength would you recommend? Would you recommend any other product's to help my skin look smoother?



Thank you!



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Glycolic acid can help accelerate the recovery process once your acne is in remission. However, keep in mind that switching from salicylic acid to glycolic acid may result in a return to the rate of breakouts you were experiencing prior to starting treatment with salicylic acid. One intermediary option you have is to apply each peel on alternating weeks to achieve the benefits of both (e.g., glycolic acid on odd weeks, and salicylic acid on even weeks).


Alternatively, if you are using Salicylic Acid 15 purely as a spot treatment, you can introduce glycolic acid as a weekly peel, but be sure to avoid any spot treatments on skin that will be treated with a glycolic peel for a minimum of 48 hours prior to the administration of the peel. For example, if you decide to apply a glycolic peel every Wednesday, avoid any salicylic spot treatments on Monday and Tuesday.


As for starting strength, Glycolic Acid 40 is comparable in potency to Salicylic Acid 15. If the latter has achieved your treatment goals with no irritation, then it would be reasonable to consider starting with Glycolic Acid 40. Glycolic acid is an effective way to address uneven texture, however there are many specialized treatment options for which glycolic acid can serve as an adjunct. We would recommend starting with glycolic acid and subsequently devising a targeted set of goals for your skin (if needed) for which you can then select the appropriate treatments.

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