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I have used many products on my face from Retin A, glycolic acid 10% to wash my face to Hydroquinone 4 also peels and microdermabrasion which I was doing once a week not too long ago. I just ordered the Glycolic Acid 50 and the Salicylic Acid 25% thinking my skin is very tolerant and I have never had reactions to what I have used or done in the past. Although after reading reading your forum I can see that you recommend using no more than 40% on the Glycolic Mask and 15% on the Salicylic, i am starting to think i made the wrong decision ordering such high streghth. What is your advice? should i go ahead and try it? I just what to make sure I wont regret the purchase and instead of helping my skin I will end up burning it.

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Glycolic Acid 50 and Salicylic Acid 25 are fairly strong products to start with, and if you do feel that these peels will be too strong for you, please contact KAVI Support to arrange an exchange for lighter concentrations. However, if you have had minimal to no irritation using products like RetinA, Hydroquinone 4, etc., and/or if you do not burn easily under the sun, the above peels may not be too strong for your skin type. When administering these peels (we recommend no more than one peel per week), you do have some control over their intensity by way of the length of time you leave them on your skin.


For glycolic acid, the window for a full-length peel is 4 to 12 minutes, and for salicylic acid, it is 20 to 90 seconds. For the initial peels, we recommend 1 to 2 minutes for glycolic acid and 20 seconds for salicylic acid. Start with these initial numbers and monitor your skin's response. If redness subsides within 20 minutes of peel removal, for the following week increase peel time 1 to 2 minutes for glycolic acid and 10 seconds for salicylic acid. Monitor your skin's response once again and make a determination whether to maintain, increase, or decrease peel length for the following week. Also note that the contact intensity for Salicylic Acid 25 is very high, and you may find that it will be less irritating to you as a spot treatment (rather than as a peel) for your acne lesions or other pore-related conditions.

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