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Question about Kavi Coral


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Hi I already posted this in the general discussion, but I saw more recent activity on this discussion thread so I figured I would ask here as well. I am currently using Kavi Coral twice per day for the past two weeks and am still breaking out on my forehead and around the mouth a little. But most severely on the forehead, that has always been my biggest problem area for acne. Besides using Kavi Coral I also take around 30 mg of zinc per day and fish oil. I also take 1-2 apple cider vinegar shots which I have heard can help with acne. basically my question is whether or not I can also use apple cider vinegar for spot treatment on my forehead along with the Kavi Coral Wash?

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Yes, you can use apple cider vinegar in conjunction with Coral KAVI. What you would need to determine, however, is whether the additional breakouts are because Coral KAVI has not been enough treatment or because it has been too much. The easiest way to see whether you need to increase or decrease treatment is to check for dryness. If your skin has been feeling tight, irritated, and/or inflamed, it is likely you have been overtreating your skin with antiseborrheics. Consequently, a common reaction can be an immune response leading to a rash of whiteheads or even a cluster of large cysts deep under the skin.


If you find that you need to reduce treatment, you can step down to a milder anti-acne cleanser, such as one of the following (listed below, strongest first):


DermaWash S2




If you find you need to increase treatment, and the vinegar is not enough, have a look at the following:


KAVI Toner

Salicylic Acid 8 or 15 (to be used either as a peel or spot treatment)

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