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I am currently suffering from mild acne mostly based on the jaw and mouth area of my face. I am on a prescription of both Tetracycline and Differin Gel, I have been taking both for about a year now and it is hard to gauge results as i can go two weeks without any acne and break out badly all of a sudden. I am considering purchasing KAVI Coral and the KAVI Salicylic Acid 8. I am wondering how I should approach using these products alongside my prescription (I am contemplating dropping the use of Differin due to lack of results). Also i have quite large pores on my nose which make them very susceptible to blackheads some of which are very deep, so deep in fact that i am afraid of attempting to remove them for fear of permanently damagin the skin, would you're products help remove both the deep blackheads and prevent future ones?

I appreciate your response.

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Coral KAVI is indicated for all forms of acne on oily or combination skin. It is a strong antiseborrheic and not recommended for concurrent use with prescription anti-acne medications unless otherwise directed by your physician. If your skin tends to be naturally dry, normal, and/or sensitive, we would advise either DermaWash or Aqua KAVI for the treatment of mild acne.


Salicylic Acid 8 may be used once per week as a mask or once daily as a spot treatment for more stubborn lesions. For the treatment of blackheads, Salicylic Acid 8 (applied once or twice per week as a mask) in conjunction with the KAVI Toner (applied once per day) can be very helpful in clearing out your pores and temporarily reducing pore diameter for more consistent surface texture.

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