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What to use with Coral Kavi


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Hi there team KAVI,


First off, let me start by thanking you for making Coral KAVI. I've been using it for a couple of months now, and my skin has not looked or felt this good in years. I used to get massive pus filled pimples and painful cystic acne on my face and neck, but now my breakouts are less frequent and much smaller/easier to manage. My skin does look much better, but I am still breaking out and i feel like some slight tweaks to my skincare regimen could make my skin totally clear.


Currently I am washing my face 2X a day with the coral Kavi, using witch hazel as a toner, applying Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for combination skin, and spot treating with Benzoyl Peroxide. If my skin is getting dry, I will apply vitamin E oil with the moisturizer at night. Since using this regimen my skin looks good for the most part, but I am getting small persistent breakouts that are slow to go away on my nose, forehead and temples, as well as the area around my mouth. The forehead, nose and temples have never really been acne problem areas for me, so it is strange that most of my breakouts are concentrated in these areas. Also, I have seen that you guys generally don't advocate the use of BP with Coral Kavi, and I am using it twice a day, however, it is not drying my skin out too much. My skin breaks out very easily and quickly without treatment, so a weekly peel or something like that is unlikely to work for me. I wanted some advice on what will work best in conjunction with Coral KAVI. I'm thinking that I might need to use something for my face and neck during the day (i was thinking Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Salycillic Acid, or Glycolic Acid), and spot treating with BP at night.


A little about my skin that might help: I'm 23 years old and have had persistent moderate acne for about 7-8 years now (no matter what I use my skin is never completely clear). My skin is very fair (100% irish) and is oily. Since using Coral, most of my breakouts are small, though I still get the occasional inflamed pus filled one. Acne is slow to fade, and hyperpigmentation is almost always a problem for me (sometimes won't go away for months). In the past I have used tons of different things (Minocyclin, Doxycyclin, and Tetrocyclin. The acne.org regimen, I've done Proactiv, Retin-ae, Differin, Duac, Tazorac, Aczone in different combinations. Some worked OK, some were totally ineffective.


I would love to hear any suggestions you guys have since you clearly know what you are doing when it comes to skincare. Thanks in advance.

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We do not recommend use of BP, especially over the long term, as it can lead to dryness, irritation, and premature aging. One safer and far more effective option you may want to consider in place of BP would be high-concentration salicylic acid used as a spot treatment. When applied to acne lesions once per day (for two to three days), KAVI Salicylic Acid 15 can work very nicely. Use a cotton swab for better control and be sure only to apply the acid to the very tip of the lesion, being careful to avoid contact with surrounding healthy tissue.

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