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Hi Kavi Support,


I didn't do enough close reading before making the switch to the Coral soap bar. I only gave my skin a couple days to make the switch between using BP and cleansing with the coral bar. As indicated might happen by a couple of your posts, I began to break out a little bit in areas with a light rash/small whiteheads. What would be the recommended course of action? Thanks in advance.

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Please review the following excerpt taken from http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php/topic/689-coral-kavi-usage/page__view__findpost__p__1204:


"It would be best to give your skin a two-week break. During this time, your system will flush out most of the antiseborrheics and return to a more natural state. If you are considering recommencing treatment with Coral KAVI, avoid BP and just use your hands to apply the Coral KAVI to your face. Start with once per day for one week and monitor your skin's response before considering a move to twice per day. If you do need to cleanse with something other than water when not using Coral KAVI, opt for a gentle, pH-balanced liquid cleanser (e.g., Glycolic Cleanser 10 or DermaWash)."

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