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Coral Kavi - 3 Months


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I've been using Coral Kavi for 3 months. At first, my acne was disappearing, but then I went through a stage where it seemed like all my black heads were purging from my skin. Now, I am getting large painful bumps on my chin again.


I have really sensitive skin and acne only in my T-zone, but primarily on my chin. I get large, under-the-skin pimples on my chin, but no where else. They usually come to a head after a few days, but are painful and leave scars.


I wash my face once or twice a day, but always before I go to sleep. I don't use any other products besides a moisturizer for sensitive skin. I also wear make-up. Do you think this product is too harsh for my skin? It seems fairly dry and I usually do not do very well with salicylic acid, but I heard such good things about this product I wanted to try it.


Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

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If you feel that your skin has been gradually getting drier over the last three months and with symptoms of dryness beginning to surface only now, it is possible that Coral KAVI is just barely too strong for your skin. Coral KAVI is our strongest antiseborrheic cleanser, and you may wish to scale back to one of the following milder alternatives, listed here with the strongest cleanser on top:


DermaWash S2 (liquid)

Aqua KAVI (bar)

DermaWash (liquid)

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