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What to do about premenstrual cysts?

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I've been using Kavi products for nearly a year now and I've been pretty impressed. It's a lot easier than my last regimen and it works better too. I use the Coral Kavi bar twice a day, which takes care of most of my acne, and the glycolic acid every once in awhile to take care of scars/uneven tone. However I still get cysts before the start of my menstrual cycle. I have the Salicylic 8 and use it as a spot treatment, but it doesn't seem to work that well. I apply it in the evenings after the Coral wash, but I usually don't notice any difference the morning after.

Is there another product I can try that will work better as a spot treatment, or something I can do to prevent my hormonal acne?
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Thank you for your feedback, and we're very happy to hear of your success with Coral KAVI.


Though preventing hormonal acne would be difficult, you might want to look into a stronger salicylic acid concentration for a spot treatment. We typically recommend a starting concentration of 15%.

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