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Advanced Melanin Repair Serum

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I have had very dark undereye circles my entire life, from childhood to the present. While I think they are caused, at least in part, by allergies, nothing has ever really helped to make them go away. I have tried a number of creams, potions, and lotions over the years from over the counter to prescription to no avail. Recently, I discovered the Kavi website and am extremely interested in the Melanin Repair Serum.


Can I use this product under my eyes? What should I expect in terms of skin lightening? Can I order a sample? Is this product compatible with other non-Kavi facial products such as cleansers and sunscreen? Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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While the Advanced Melanin Repair Serum is safe to use in the periorbital region, you may wish to consider KAVI Complex A instead. It is specifically formulated to address the oxidation of free radicals that leads to dark circles under the eyes. It can be used alone or as part of a complete skin care regimen comprising any of our other anti-aging products.

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Thanks so much for getting back to me. I read something that said for dark circles and other serious anti-aging issues, multiple levels of care are necessary; however, I understand you are saying one or the other (preferably the Complex A) instead of both. Is that correct?


Is the Complex A compatible with copper peptides? retinol? What level of sunscreen do you recommend? Finally, I would like to verify that both Complex A and the Advanced Melanin Repair are both hypoallergenic? and okay for contact wearers? with no perfumy scents? (is it possible to purchase a sample?).

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The Advanced Melanin Repair Serum corrects uneven melanocyte distributions at the basal layer of the epidermis. It would be the correct product for chloasma, melasma, lentigines (age spots), sun spots, etc. It would likely not be effective for dark circles under the eyes, a phenomenon often caused by the oxidation of free radicals in the periorbital region.


Complex A is compatible with the KAVI Enhanced Retinol 0.30% serum as well as with any other KAVI anti-aging product. Complex A, as with all of our anti-aging serums, is hypoallergenic. Complex A is not formulated with any fragrance.

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