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Scaring and Glycolic peels

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2 weeks ago I got a 60% glycolic peel and my left cheeks is a little scared (I believe I burned because I did not stop my retin-A long enough). I have been using Obagi system and have had success. I was interested in trying the Advanced Melanin Repair Serum ( an alternative to hydroquinon) but had a couple of questions. Can this serum be used in combination with retin-A like the Obagi system or does it work alone? and how fast will I see the results?


I am36 y/o hispanic and my skin tends to scar easily, but they fade and go away. I have never had problems like melasma. I used hyroquninon to help with evening out my skin and fading away any small zit scarrings that occur occassionally.

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The Advanced Melanin Repair Serum can be used in conjunction with Obagi products. Do keep in mind that, in addition to alpha arbutin, the AMRS contains glycolic acid and lactic acid. The serum's pH is 3.8, making it more acidic than the skin's natural pH of 5-5.5. As such, you should be careful when using it with other keratolytics like tretinoin. Not to say that they cannot be used together (they can be, and often are), but you should keep an eye out for any gradually increasing irritation if your skin is sensitive.


One more point to take note of would be that ingredients capable of pigmentation correction (e.g., alpha arbutin and hydroquinone) will not be able to aid in removing bruising from acne infections. For the tonal variations (i.e., bruising) you see after an acne infection has subsided, your best option is to wait for the body to resorb post-infection debris and heal the site. Use of a glycolic acid peel can help accelerate the healing process by exfoliating superficial cellular debris and accelerating the regeneration of healthy new tissue.

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