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Hi I have been using the soaps, aqua day, coral night, & a cetaphil moisture for acne skin for over 2 years & this is the only treatment that sucessfully treated my chronic & severe acne that if have had for over 20yrs. I tried everything Drs could do, & everything out there. The coral if I use more that once a day I get very red, I have very reactive skin & often will get a breakout if i switch to another product or another makeup. But your products have helped me where truely nothing else has, thank you. Now that things are undercontrol I know I need something for wrinkle control/anti aging that my skin will tolerate & I can still age well ( I am 35.)

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We are happy to hear Coral and Aqua KAVI have been working so well for you. They are certainly popular products for adult acne among our customers.


For wrinkles, we have products for both prevention and treatment. Adequate moisturization is the single best preventive measure against wrinkles, and we have two high-impact, non-comedogenic moisturizers for you to consider, Hyaluronic Acid 95 and the Glycolipidic Moisturizer. Designed specifically for wrinkle prevention, KAVI Complex C comprises specific actives to help restore and maintain the collagen-elastin matrix, relax wrinkle-forming muscular contractions, and hydrate skin cells.


For the treatment of existing wrinkles, we would recommend Enhanced Retinol 0.30% (which is also good for maintaining clear pores). Enhanced Retinol 0.30% is stronger than Complex C, and we would recommend a moderated insertion into your skin care regimen to control any potential irritation or inflammation.


More intensive anti-wrinkle products from KAVI include our line of glycolic acid masks, however if your skin is very sensitive, it may be prudent to try the milder products above first before looking into a 20% or 30% strength glycolic acid mask.

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