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Hello, I am a 51 y.o. female, dark brown eyes and hair, I tan with no problem or rarely burn. My skin type is slightly oil within the T-zone. I have no problems with my skin but I want to look ten years younger......as does everyone.....or will consider a facelift. My negatives are: age spots, slight wrinkles around eyes, large pores in the nose areas, basic scarring and discoloration from the sun and sagging skin from the mouth to neck. Would like a VERY intense regimine to eliminate these problems. I have used Retin-A, microdermabrasion and Titan Laser but not satisfied with results. I know things can't happen overnight, but I would like suggestions on what products to use to achieve the ultimate and extreme results. Thank you for your time and consideration, Jo

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Hi Jo,


You've named a number of skin conditions for which there are several solutions.


For age spots, photo-aging (long-term skin damage from the sun), hyperpigmentation and surface scarring, an alpha hydroxy peel would be a good all-in-one solution.


AHA's are excellent for promoting collagen regeneration and treating aging symptoms like wrinkles and age spots.


For condition-specific treatments, KAVI Complex A is especially good for eye repair, particularly sagging skin, wrinkles and dark circles. KAVI Complex C is our best product for reducing wrinkles. Both of these products can be used in conjunction with our exfoliation masks.


Hopefully this info gives you a good place to start.

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