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sun damage

Guest Alexis

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Hi! I have been using Donell 20 (20% glycolic) and it was a subtle peel. I have extensive sun damage and it has greatly helped my hands and to some degree my arms (pigmentation) but I still have problems on my decolletage (again not as much pigmentation) but crepy neck skin and laxicity in arm skin and "rough"looking skin on my hands. I am attempting to slowly do a full body resurfacing. My legs look great but I want to get rid of the arm laxicity, anything remaining on the legs, face, and especially arms as well as the awful "old looking" rough hands. What would you recommend?

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While it is difficult to make a definitive determination over email whether our products can provide you with the results you are seeking, it is helpful to know that a 20% glycolic peel has been effective for you. In general, our best products for treating wrinkles, stretch marks, and other "textural" skin conditions are glycolic peels. We would recommend a starting strength of 20% to 30% on facial skin and any other areas of the body where skin is thinner and more sensitive, and a starting strength of 40% to 50% on other areas of the body. For pigmentation correction, it is also possible to augment our peels with the Advanced Melanin Repair Serum, which safely helps control melanin production on targeted areas of the skin.

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