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Guest kathryn

under "contraindications" it says - dry skin does this mean is can cause dry skin or that it is helpful for treating dry skin? I am currently using the aqua bar, but would like something that has the action of salicylic acid, as long as it isn't too drying. I have to say I also like the price of the bars as opposed to the other liquid washes that you list. If I use the coral bar twice a day will that be to often and cause drying? Thank you for your help. Kathy Bevis I am also 54 years old with very fair skin.

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In plain English, "Indications" means "Use this product if you have any of the following listed after the colon symbol ( : )." "Contraindications" means "Don't use this product if any of the following listed after the colon symbol applies to you." For your case below, if you have dry skin, we do not recommend you use Coral KAVI, because Coral KAVI is an antiseborrheic, which means its use can temporarily dry out the skin.


For those with oily, acne-prone, Coral KAVI applied twice a day works very well and does not lead to dryness. However for others, twice per day may be too much. Because the effects from dryness are temporary, it should be ok to try different application frequencies until you find the right one for you. In the event that you experience any dryness or discomfort on your skin, moisturize your skin and discontinue use of Coral KAVI for several days before trying a different application frequency.

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