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glycolic acid strength

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Hi, I have been using glycolic acid 15, twice daily for about 2 years (Kavi's for about a year). Should I now order the glycolic 30? What are the benefits of increasing the strength? I use it for mainly large pores on my nose, age spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin coloring, etc. Any information is appreciative.

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Would you be referring to the Glycolic Serums? If so, Glycolic Serum 30 will provide more intensive collagen synthesis and cellular turnover than Glycolic Serum 15, yielding accelerated results in the treatment of premature aging. It will also be more effective with enlarged pores. Both contain the same percentage of hyaluronic acid for moisturization, and both maintain the same pH.


If you are interested in moving to the 30% strength, you could begin by using the 15% strength in the mornings and the 30% strength in the evenings for a few weeks to ease the transition.

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