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Please Help! I am so frustrated by the state of my skin and don't want to waste any more money on products that don't work (or the wrong ones within a given line) You have so many great products I'm not even sure where to start. The 3 issues I want to address are: 1. Adult Acne (very embarassing at 32) 2. Uneven skin tone & dark spots 3. Anti-aging & prevention My skin is combination and slightly sensitive. I just want it to be clear more then anything else. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Alyssa

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Here are some thoughts for you, organized by the three issues you listed:


1. Adult Acne


Your primary goal right now should be eliminating new breakouts. Once the rate of new acne is under control, we can look at repairing the scarring left behind (there wouldn't be a lot of logic going after scarring first if one hasn't found a way to slow down the rate of future scar/spot formation from acne infections that will be sure to happen).


Determining the cause of your acne can be an extensive process and would involve looking at everything that comes into contact with your skin and, yes, even what you eat (think, allergic reaction). For many, however, the root of their acne stems from pH imbalance. Simply switching soaps from whatever you use now to Coral KAVI can make the biggest difference. Coral KAVI is pH-balancing and also medicated with sulfur and salicylic acid. To complement Coral KAVI, you can also look into a salicylic acid mask (typically applied once per week). We would recommend starting with Salicylic Acid 8, though we have strengths up to 25 and beyond. Apply the mask twice the first week (e.g., on Sunday and Wednesday) and then once per week thereafter.


Though we have many other products for acne, it would be helpful to start out simple, monitor the results, and then make adjustments as you go along (e.g., adding the Sulfur Suspension for cystic acne, or increasing the mask strength, etc.).


2. Uneven Skin Tone and Dark Spots


Following the motto of prevention before treatment, we would advise you to regulate your exposure to the sun, as the effects of UV radiation on the skin can yield some very unpredictable and at times very undesirable side effects including, at the very least, uneven skin tone and spotting.


For the most effective results, we typically recommend the Advanced Melanin Repair Serum (applied once or twice daily) in conjunction with a glycolic acid mask (applied once per week). However, if you will be using a salicylic acid mask for acne, it would be fine to substitute it in place of the glycolic acid. Though you wouldn't be benefiting from glycolic acid's regenerative qualities, salicylic acid's keratolytic properties (i.e., turnover) will be an adequate complement to the Advanced Melanin Repair Serum.


3. Premature Aging Prevention


Hydration is the word. Drink plenty of fluids, reduce your time in the sun, and moisturize your skin. We make several moisturizers you can choose from, and they are all non-comedogenic (will not clog your pores):


SPF30 (low-impact moisturization, with UVA/UVB protection)
Glycolipidic Moisturizer (high-impact, best for very dry skin, not the best for acne-prone skin)
Hyaluronic Acid 95 (high-impact, best for combination or oily skin)
Glycolic Serum 15/30 (with glycolic acid to help with collagen repair) --> our recommendation for you.
Complex A (exclusively for the eye region, helps reduce puffiness and dark circles too)
Complex C (helps with collagen repair, has Argireline (non-toxic BOTOX alternative), for sensitive skin)

Hopefully that gives you the information you're looking for.

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