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Aqua or Coral KAVI

Guest Amy

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I am undecided between the Aqua Kavi and the Coral Kavi. I have acne-prone skin and am working to clear it up. Right now I'm using a prescription benzoyl peroxide gel that is making my skin red, dry and very irritated. So I wasn't sure whether to go with the Coral Kavi to assist with the breakouts or to go with the Aqua Kavi because it would be a little gentler.

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If your skin is typically dry and very sensitive, then Aqua KAVI would be a better choice. For just about all other skin types, Coral KAVI will be better for acne. However, we would not recommend using Coral KAVI in conjunction with a prescription benzoyl peroxide gel. The combination will likely dry out your skin and lead to increased inflammation and discomfort.

Over the long run, cleansing your skin regularly with Coral KAVI will be a healthier alternative to benzoyl peroxide. And when you're ready to make the switch, give your skin a week or two to recuperate from the prescription treatment before starting with our products.

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