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Am I using the correct cleanser?


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I'm new to the KAVI skin care line and began using your products a week ago with high hopes. My skin is extremely pale, temperamental in its sensitivity (sometimes sensitive, sometimes not), oily, and prone to mild acne, clogged and enlarged pores, and ingrown hairs. I settled on a bar of the Coral KAVI, the DermaWash S2, and the Hyaluronic Acid 95 as a moisturizer. As a rule, I try to avoid bar soaps since I have never had good luck with them. But, given the price difference between the two cleansers, I decided to give Coral KAVI a go. As I suspected, it was too harsh for my face and extremely drying on my body. However, I'm not sure the DermaWash S2 is the right product for me either. My face, which normally has clogged pores but not much acne, is covered in small, clear bumps (maybe milia? although they aren't hard, contain a clear fluid, and are easy to pop) after two days of using the cleanser. I've had slightly better results with my body, but some of the same bumps on my chest and shoulders, where I generally have clogged pores.


I'm wondering if this is an initial breakout and once my skin gets used to the new product, it will calm down and the magic will begin to happen. (Unclogged, smaller pores, smooth skin, etc!) Or, am I using the wrong product for my skin type?


I just ordered the Salicylic Acid 8 and Purifying Sulfur Mask to supplement the cleanser as well as the Complex A for my eye area. But, I still don't want to be using a cleanser that causes skin issues rather than treat them! I want to like your product line so much, especially since I have exhausted just about every other brand with no lasting success. Please help!

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Have you viewed our forum post on Coral KAVI at http://forums.kaviskin.com/topic/595-important-notes-on-using-coral-kavi/? Though you may be experiencing a purge of acne-related pore infections from your initial use of Coral KAVI, the symptoms you describe may more likely be due to your skin's reaction to an overuse of antiseborrheics.


Were you using another line of antiseborrheics without hiatus before commencing with Coral KAVI? Are you using other antiseborrheics in conjunction with Coral KAVI (or now DermaWash S2)?


You've stated you have naturally oily skin.. are you observing sebum build-up between cleansing routines or does your skin remain dry throughout the day? How often are you cleansing and what is the rest of your daily/weekly skin care routine?


Please let us know more.

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Thank you for your response!


Directly before KAVI, I was using Grandpa's Thylox bar soap, an all-natural sulfur-based soap, on my face and body. Unfortunately, it was much too drying. And as I said before, my skin doesn't seem to like bar soap. However, after all the reading I'd done on sulfur as a successful acne treatment, I was still hopeful it was the answer. I hoped a different format and brand would yield better results, which is how I found KAVI.


I've been washing my face every night with DermaWash S2 and moisturizing with Hyaluronic Acid 95. Today is the first day the small, clear bumps seem to have subsided.


I've been washing my body every other day with DermaWash S2, using a washcloth to apply it. My body breakouts are worse today than they have been on previous days. I've also noticed the KP on my arms and legs seems more pronounced. I live in Buffalo, NY, and it is very cold and dry this time of year. I've been using Amlactin body lotion after my showers after reading that it can help KP and doesn't clog pores. While it may not clog pores, it doesn't moisturize my winter skin very well either.


My other big skin complaint is ingrown hairs. It's not yet clear whether the DermaWash S2 is helping with those.


Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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It sounds like you have dry skin more so than anything one would consider oily ..at least during the winter. Antiseborrheics + dry skin = more breakouts. Try cutting out cleansers altogether for 6 days of the week to see if your condition improves. In other words, cleanse face and body once per week in the shower with Coral KAVI, and for all remaining cleansing sessions of the week (morning and night), simply rinse with water and moisturize your skin as needed. This may seem a bit extreme, but at the least, it will be a test to see if dryness as a result of too much treatment is the culprit for your breakouts.


Regarding your ingrown hairs, DermaWash S2 may help somewhat, but the correct product would be KAVI Salicylic Acid 15. That too is an antiseborrheic, but the good news is that it can be applied as a spot treatment to minimize regional drying. But hold off on that until you've got your breakouts under control.


Would be great to hear back in a couple of weeks with the results of your modified regimen.

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