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    i notice you use colloidal sulfur in your coral kavi and aqua bars. is colloidal sulfur more effective than precipitated sulfor or volcanic sulfur? what is the difference exactly? is one sulfur more effective than the other when it comes to clearing acne or are they both equally effective? is there a certain amount of time you should leave the coral kavi on your face for? would leaving it on for a couple of minutes like 5 minutes make it more effective in cleaning the face than say 30 seconds or a minute? thanks
  2. i have heard on different messageboards that olive oil works good to clear up peoples acne. most wouldnt consider olive oil an acne treatment, but in your honest opinion, how is it that olive oil could clear up acne? is olive oil more moisturizing to the skin than coral kavi? also, could your olive oil bar be more effective than your coral kavi? what is the difference between the bars in terms of clearing up acne?
  3. jon

    question about sulfur

    does a product that contains more sulfur means its gonna be more effective against acne? like for instance, one of your bars (the coral kavi one) has 2% colloidal sulfur and the aqua bar has 1%. is 2% colloidal sulfur gonna be more drying than the aqua bar? is 2% more effective against acne than 1% colloidal sulfur? is 1% colloidal sulfur basically the same as 5% precipitated sulfur? i notice your acne lotion has only 6.6% precipitated sulfur, why only 6.6 and not 10%? i reckon 10% sulfur is more drying, but has it been proven if more sulfur is better than sulfur at lower percentages? thanks
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