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  1. Hello. I have been using Kavi Coral for 8 consecutive days twice a day. 2 weeks prior to using, I stopped all other topical cleansing products. So far I see that my face is getting better as my skin is detoxifying, bringing pimples to surface and started to heal my acne. However, I do have facial SD and about 4 days ago noticed 3 new red spots appear which are in fact SD spots (red/scaly/stinging). Do I just accept this as part of the adjustment period? Or does this mean the SA in the Coral is irritating my SD? Do I need to change to another product that will be effective at both managing my acne and NOT bothering my SD?


    I used Aqua before but I found it was not too effective on my acne although it made my skin texture better/softer. Please advise!


    Do I wait it out and continue using Coral another 3 / 4 weeks or should I immediately change to another recommended product?

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