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  1. Thanks, I've been using the witch hazel as a moosturizer/toner, as I feel most moisturizers contribute to my breakouts, even cetaphil and cerave profucts. This could be an incorrect assumption, but would you have a particular moisturizer that you recommend? Also, do you think Witch Hazel is inadequate in this case. I have heard good things and tried hemp seed oil, but I had some breakouts. Again, its always difficult to tell what the breakouts may be coming from. I have been smoking a lot of marijuana over the past few years and have stopped the last day or two. I'm curious if this could be the source all along. Thanks.
  2. kratz7335

    Forehead Cysts

    Hello, I started using Coral Kavi about a week ago with an alcohol-free with hazel toner. Some parts of my skin seems to be clearing up and smoothing out, however I've developed two big cysts on my forehead right above my eyebrow. This used to be a major problem spot so I'm wondering if this is a kind of purge of the area. I use the coral bar either once or twice a day, and my skin hasnt become too dry. I just wanted to see if this is a common occurrence. thanks!
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