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  1. Okay, I will give my skin a week without using any products (hopefully this will be enough for the dryness to reverse itself). Then, I will start washing with Aqua once daily. Typically, what kind of improvements should I see, and after how long? It would be extremely nice to see my skin clear up and be maintained through the use of only one product. Is this possible?
  2. Thanks for the reply! So, you are suggesting that I don't use anything for a week, and then start using the aqua bar? I really want to clear up my complexion, acne, and redness. Any other recommendations? Other KAVI products...anything? I am almost in a desperate state of mind with this.
  3. I have been using Coral KAVI for about two weeks now. After, years of trying everything, I decided to try this positively reviewed bar of soap. I use only Coral in the mornings, and occasionally at night when I feel that my face is extremely oily. Anyways, for the first week I felt like everything was perfect, and my skin started clearing up. But, now I am getting whiteheads everywhere, my skin feels dry and tight for a few hours after use, and my skin is red and blotchy. I don't want to stop using KAVI, as I feel like it is the best approach I can get. My skin is as follows: I get whiteheads, blackheads, oily nose and forehead, red patches, and overall red appearance (especially neck and cheek areas). Like I said, I am only using the Coral bar. Am I doing something wrong? I also have the Aqua KAVI, but I am unsure of its potency against acne (assuming acne is my most prominent condition).
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