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  1. Another quick update... The SA 15 peels are continuing the work incredibly well. My son may only have 1-2 new breakouts a week usually around day 5 or 6 after his peel. Some weeks have been completely clear! He is extremely happy was the results! Thank you for the great support and products!
  2. Just wanted to followup to this post to say the two subsequent weekly peels worked very well. My son's face is continuing to improve with fewer breakouts and some fading of his post acne scars . The breakouts he is getting have occured 3-4 days after the peel but for now we are planning to continue with the current regimine. (Kavi Coral 2x day - Kavi Toner at night - Kavi SPF 30 Moisturizer 2x day - Spot treatment w/ BP 5% gel). The Kavi SPF 30 moisturizer is the first sunscreen product that I have actually been able to get him to use consistently. He hated wearing sunscreen so we reached A MAJOR milestone there! We may check back in after a few weeks if he continues the "minor" breakouts between peels to see what you recommend there. Thank you for your EXCELLENT products and support!
  3. The first peel at the dermatologist was what they called a "light" peel. He had some temporary redness but his skin never actually peeled. The subsequent peels were more "extensive" and his skin actually turned brown and peeled within two to three days. Unfortunately, I do not know the exact type of peels he was given. We will try 2 more peels with Salicylic Acid 15 as you suggested and see how he does. Will Salicylic peels bring "in process" infections to the surface more quickly? Thank you for your quick response!
  4. My son has a pretty serious acne condition and he has started using the Kavi Coral soap. We noticed a pretty dramatic iimprovement after the first couple of weeks and decided to try the Salicylic peel product. I purchased the 15% strength since he had several peels done at the dermatoligist office and had minimal side effects about a year ago. He hated going to the esthetician so we stopped the treatments after 3 or 4 peels but there was some improvement after these visits. I'm hoping that the Kavi salicylic peels may be a good option for him. After applying the 15% peel and leaving it on for 20 seconds, his skin recovered very nice before he went to bed that evening. The redness had calmed down and his skin looked fine. The next morning there were several new breakouts on one cheek and chin. Does this sound like a normal reaction to the first peel or should we try the 8% product? Thank you for your help...
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