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Glycolic peel 40

Guest simmer43

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Guest simmer43

I have been using your product to rid sun damage skin and from uneven skin texture due to minor acne scars. When is the best time to apply this product, before shaving with a slight beard growth or after? When will this be more effective? I will be starting my third peel, it seems that if I shave the peel starts quicker after used the day prior. How long is skin to be left alone to peel on its own?

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When applying a KAVI exfoliation mask, the goal is to maximize contact with the skin in the target area. Hair growth can prevent glycolic acid from making contact around the follicle, reducing the efficacy of the mask.


While most of the dead skin and cellular debris that is exfoliated will detach from the skin when the mask is removed, you can expect mild sloughing of any remaining debris for up to 72 hours after application.

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