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  1. Please have a look at our seborrheic keratosis page at http://www.kaviskin.com/info/seborrheic-keratosis.html for a detailed description of our recommended treatment options.
  2. It sounds like you have dry skin more so than anything one would consider oily ..at least during the winter. Antiseborrheics + dry skin = more breakouts. Try cutting out cleansers altogether for 6 days of the week to see if your condition improves. In other words, cleanse face and body once per week in the shower with Coral KAVI, and for all remaining cleansing sessions of the week (morning and night), simply rinse with water and moisturize your skin as needed. This may seem a bit extreme, but at the least, it will be a test to see if dryness as a result of too much treatment is the culprit for your breakouts. Regarding your ingrown hairs, DermaWash S2 may help somewhat, but the correct product would be KAVI Salicylic Acid 15. That too is an antiseborrheic, but the good news is that it can be applied as a spot treatment to minimize regional drying. But hold off on that until you've got your breakouts under control. Would be great to hear back in a couple of weeks with the results of your modified regimen.
  3. Have you viewed our forum post on Coral KAVI at http://forums.kaviskin.com/topic/595-important-notes-on-using-coral-kavi/? Though you may be experiencing a purge of acne-related pore infections from your initial use of Coral KAVI, the symptoms you describe may more likely be due to your skin's reaction to an overuse of antiseborrheics. Were you using another line of antiseborrheics without hiatus before commencing with Coral KAVI? Are you using other antiseborrheics in conjunction with Coral KAVI (or now DermaWash S2)? You've stated you have naturally oily skin.. are you observing sebum build-up between cleansing routines or does your skin remain dry throughout the day? How often are you cleansing and what is the rest of your daily/weekly skin care routine? Please let us know more.
  4. If redness subsided within 30 minutes of peel removal, the 15% strength should be fine for you.
  5. Systems III and IV are virtually identical but for the salicylic acid component. You can control the intensity of a salicylic peel by changing the length of time it is on your skin. The 15% is better for nodular acne, and it sounds like you have the smaller papules (better treated with Salicylic Acid 8). Salicylic Acid 15 will not dry out your skin more than Salicylic Acid 8, though it is a stronger comedolytic and will work more effectively against denser comedones. If your skin does begin to dry out, increase the intervals between cleansings with Coral KAVI. For example, if cleansing twice per day is drying out your skin, reduce to once per day and skip the peel for that week. If once per day is still too much, reduce to once every other day and rotate in a milder cleanser (e.g., Cetaphil) or just use water. You also have the option to apply the peel once every other week. Everyone's skin is different, and you have to experiment with the application intervals to find the optimal regimen for you. And if you would like to switch to a lower system, please contact KAVI Support for assistance.
  6. If your skin feels dry and is still peeling, then you had best wait another week and evaluate your skin before commencing with Glycolic Acid 40. Waiting a while will allow (a) the first peel to complete its keratolytic cycle and ( your skin to recover and generate new layers at the base of the epidermis.
  7. KAVI Support

    Acne on chin

    For the acne on your chin, you could look at a salicylic acid peel (8% or 15%, applied once per week) to help bring it under control. The KAVI Toner would make for a good maintenance cleanser to be used daily between peels. For general pigmentation issues, glycolic acid peels are a good place to start (and can be used on alternating weeks with salicylic acid peels), however we do make more specialized products for skin tone that you may wish to consider following a consultation with your dermatologist. An alternative to peels, and one that addresses both your acne and sun spots, would be Enhanced Retinol 0.30% (applied once or twice per day). While it may be used together with the Toner, the retinol serum may be too strong if used in combination with any of our peels.
  8. Yes, you can use Glycolic Acid 50 on your hands (e.g., on the backs, for the treatment of age spots or wrinkles).
  9. Though not an answer you may like to hear, our guess would be that a "peaches and cream" complexion without makeup or treatment may likely be attributed to genetics. KAVI, however, helps level the playing field with its line of natural skin care products.
  10. We are delighted to hear that you are happy with our products and service. Regarding your question, no there isn't such a thing as eliminating pores, and even if there were, it wouldn't be a good idea. Pores are used by the body to regulate temperature (through sweating), lubricate skin, and excrete unwanted toxins and waste from the body. In a nutshell, pores are an integral part of the human anatomy. As you've seen though, it is possible to use KAVI products to keep pores clean and healthy, as well as give them consistency in appearance.
  11. We offer a number of products in varying degrees of intensity for the conditions you mentioned below. Have you reviewed our Product Matrix at http://www.kaviskin.com/st-htm/product-matrix.html? For initial application on skin that is neither too sensitive nor too accustomed to treatment, here is what we would recommend: Clogged Pores Cleanse daily with your choice of DermaWash (dry skin), Aqua KAVI (normal skin), or Coral KAVI (oily skin), Maintain pores once per evening with KAVI Toner, Clear pores once or twice per week with Salicylic Acid 8 (apply only once every other week if used in conjunction with a glycolic acid mask to treat wrinkles, see below). Fine Lines / Wrinkles Cleanse daily with your choice of Glycolic Cleanser 10 (dry or normal skin) or Pearl KAVI (oily skin), Repair lines with your choice of Complex C (sensitive skin, applied once or twice per day), Enhanced Retinol 0.30% (also good for maintaining pores, for normal skin, applied once or twice per day), or Glycolic Acid 20 or 30 (intensive treatment, applied once per week, or once every other week if used in conjunction with a salicylic acid mask), Moisturize skin with your choice of Hyaluronic Acid 95 (normal or oily skin, fine for use under makeup) or the Glycolipidic Moisturizer (dry skin). Hopefully the information above will give you some options to consider for your first purchase.
  12. KAVI Support

    Severe Teen Acne

    Results from a sulfur-based cleanser are fairly immediate in most cases (improvement can be observed in as little as 2 days). Our Coral KAVI medicated cleansing bar is twice as potent as the 5% sulfur solution you are using now, however it may be insufficient for your children's acne condition if the 5% is offering you little to no results. For best results, it is important that no other cleansers be used with Coral KAVI: the high pH of over-the-counter cleansers can negate the benefits that a sulfur cleanser provides. The Anti-Acne System III is safe for teens and would be a good starting point for them, however we would advise you to avoid over-medicating their skin. Too much anti-acne medication can dry and inflame the skin, leading to increased sensitivity and, in some cases, more acne (typically in the form of numerous small whiteheads where skin is the driest and most irritated). As always, please confer with your dermatologist for any and all medical advice, including the use of KAVI products in your family's skin care regimen.
  13. Glycolic Acid 40 or 50 would be more appropriate for KP on the upper arms. Weekly peels may be complemented with daily use of Hyaluronic Acid 95 to minimize any dryness or discomfort that may result from the glycolic acid.
  14. KAVI Support

    Aqua or Coral KAVI

    If your skin is typically dry and very sensitive, then Aqua KAVI would be a better choice. For just about all other skin types, Coral KAVI will be better for acne. However, we would not recommend using Coral KAVI in conjunction with a prescription benzoyl peroxide gel. The combination will likely dry out your skin and lead to increased inflammation and discomfort. Over the long run, cleansing your skin regularly with Coral KAVI will be a healthier alternative to benzoyl peroxide. And when you're ready to make the switch, give your skin a week or two to recuperate from the prescription treatment before starting with our products.
  15. In plain English, "Indications" means "Use this product if you have any of the following listed after the colon symbol ( : )." "Contraindications" means "Don't use this product if any of the following listed after the colon symbol applies to you." For your case below, if you have dry skin, we do not recommend you use Coral KAVI, because Coral KAVI is an antiseborrheic, which means its use can temporarily dry out the skin. For those with oily, acne-prone, Coral KAVI applied twice a day works very well and does not lead to dryness. However for others, twice per day may be too much. Because the effects from dryness are temporary, it should be ok to try different application frequencies until you find the right one for you. In the event that you experience any dryness or discomfort on your skin, moisturize your skin and discontinue use of Coral KAVI for several days before trying a different application frequency.
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